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Do you have an unpaid court judgement against a U.S. debtor — with money owed to you?

Court judgments are the most difficult accounts to collect.

Often a debtor may not have any money. Or they can try to hide assets to avoid paying.

That’s why using a professional debt collector makes sense. But do you want to give your court judgment to a debt collector with a lower or higher success rate?

Of course, you want the best chance of success. But YOU cannot tell the difference among them all only from their advertising and marketing. That’s where OUR “insider data” comes in.

We have partnered with dozens of debt collectors over years. That means we know which agents promise results and only waste time — and which ones have a real track record of recovering funds.

Our U.S. based Collection Agents have recovered over 1 billion dollars. They are ready now to review your court judgment — for immediate collection in all 50 USA states.

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There is NO upfront fee to review your case & start the recovery process. If our assigned agent collects nothing, you pay us nothing at all.

Do you have a 5-6 figure judgment? Our agent will begin maximum legal pressure at zero cost. They also may have low-cost, high-return options for “extraordinary” legal pressure that can leave your debtor no choice: pay or have payment compelled.

You have -literally – nothing to lose and everything to gain. Let’s get our team working for you today.

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Our Agents find assets, visit debtors, and apply maximum pressure.

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Many debt collection agencies will not attempt recovery after legal proceedings. But our Agents can discover if your debtor has assets – and ability to pay. They can help negotiate payment or terms — so you can turn your Court Judgment into actual cash.

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