Rates & Fees

Most Collection Agents work on a “success only” basis – so usually there is NO upfront fee to place an account. (If your account collects in a “rare & unique” location that requires a small deposit, we will let you know at the beginning). Fees are based on a percentage of funds actually collected.

For example, debts or accounts less than a year overdue carry lowest fees – often 10 to 20%. However, debts are NOT like fine wine and do NOT get better with age! That means fees usually increase as age of debt increases – up to 50% after three years.

Debts that previously have been pursued by another agency are considered “second placements” and also may carry greater fees.

In general, most accounts carry a fee in the 20 to 35% range, with larger amounts (or multiple accounts) eligible for discount.

We do not always recommend using an agent with lowest fee quote, as many will offer an attractive rate but then collect ZERO for you.

We will refer you to an agent with a reasonable fee; they also will be a collector whose KNOWN performance & skills give you the best odds of success – even if not the lowest quote.

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